We tip our hats to Rock ‘N Rodeo honorees Brent Berge and Jerry Cannella

RNR logoThe 16th annual Rock ‘N Rodeo on Saturday night will honor two men whose support has been both steadfast and absolutely critical to the success of the event year after year.

Brent Berge & Jerry Cannella

Brent Berge & Jerry Cannella

Brent Berge and Jerry Cannella have truly set the bar among businesses in Tucson with their commitment and dedication to TMC.  “For a local business to consistently step up as a significant source of support for 16 years is truly remarkable,” said Michael Duran, vice president and Chief Development Officer, TMC Foundation.

Hospice volunteer and former Rock ‘N Rodeo co-chair Lynne McGregor walked into Desert Toyota in 1996 to ask for their sponsorship.  “Her warmth and sincerity was something we couldn’t refuse,” said Cannella.  “After spending time with Lynne we felt like the cause was more than worthy of our support.”

As the title sponsor of Rock ‘N Rodeo, Desert Toyota has provided the financial means to help TMC Hospice continue to grow as a valuable program and support system for families in Southern Arizona.  Over the years, Desert Toyota’s contributions have supported the construction of Peppi’s House, the 16-bed in-patient home for TMC Hospice, along with complementary therapies and a special emergency fund to cover services for families in need.

The annual Rock ‘N Rodeo has become a tradition for the Desert Toyota team.  “The employees feel privileged to be part of the whole thing,” said Cannella.  “They realize how much hospice does for people.”

Berge and Cannella’s commitment to hospice goes beyond their sponsorship role and touches on a more personal side.  Cannella had a family member and a good friend who experienced hospice care, and Berge has had several employees’ loved ones as patients in hospice care as well.

“The Desert Toyota team is honored to contribute to such a special community service,” said Berge.  “The entire hospice team is made up of incredibly wonderful people from the upper leadership to the nursing staff, social workers and patient care techs.”

TMC Hospice has become part of the Desert Toyota family, and Berge and Cannella are part of the TMC family.  Their support and dedication to our community is honorable as they continue to leave their mark on TMC Hospice.

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