Integrity featured in series on TMC Employee Values

Throughout the past year, TMC has been celebrating the organizational values articulated by TMC employees (Community, Dedication, Compassion, Integrity).  Various individuals have been featured during the year to represent all their colleagues, with examples of how they exhibit these values.

After earlier profiles covering Community, Dedication and Compassion, the focus now switches to Integrity, featuring these individuals speaking on behalf of their colleagues:

  • Richard Dolan, TransportationRichardDolan

My concept of integrity revolves around doing what’s right for the patient, and trying to be there in some small fashion for the families. I can’t change the world in big ways here at TMC, so I try to do what I can to make it a better experience for the patient and for the family, every time.  It’s important to be there for those people. I believe that’s part of our values here at TMC.

Trying to do things in a timely manner, trying to do the job to the best of our ability – we all have part of the job here that we need to get done, and we all can contribute.

  • Stephanie Hannah, Nuclear MedicineStephanieHannah

Integrity is believing in what you do. If you are honest with yourself, first, you can pass that on to your patients. Honesty is the main thing.

Integrity is just being consistent in your actions and in how you treat people, so there’s no question about how you’re going to act towards other people, and they can see that you treat everybody fairly. It’s important that the patients have trust in what I do, so they can trust all the care they get at TMC as a whole.

  • Bret Stahr, Electrician/TradesBretStahr

The foundation of integrity is honesty.  If we are honest not just in our voice and in our words, but in our actions, then people pick up on if we are telling them the truth.  People can see it’s more than just what is spoken.

I’ve been a craftsman most of my life; I want to do things to the best of my ability. We’re not the face that the patient may see, but we’re the support system that they’re all depending on.  Everyone at TMC is depending on the unseen infrastructure. It’s my part of this puzzle, contributing to the community.

  • Mike Laetsch, TransportationMichaelLaetsch

My view on integrity is that it supports all of our other values. It’s the willingness to do what’s right. It’s the willingness to make personal sacrifices and to make sure patients get what they need.

The job we do here at the hospital is a very challenging job. There’s no time of day where you can’t come to receive help at TMC.  I look at it as the clinical staff’s job to make sure the patient gets well while they’re here; I look at it as our job to do all we can to make sure they are comfortable and happy.

We try to work without ever saying ‘that’s not my job.’ Whatever the hospital needs – that’s our job.

  • Gordon Powell, Environmental ServicesGordiePowell

Integrity plays into the work of Environmental Services with everything we do – being honest, being courageous, being able to tell people this is why we are here, so that in the end result, the patients are taken care of.

If there’s something wrong, it’s our duty to fix it.  It’s everybody’s responsibility to play a leadership role and set a good example, so that others can follow.  It starts with one. Hopefully, it will end with many.

TMC’s values are important. We share these things in common with more than 3,000 people here at TMC, and it makes us who we are. It really shows in the service we deliver to our customers.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Tucson medical center knows nothing about what integrity is. Brad Durbin former employee

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