Year One Report sheds light on Arizona Connected Care

One of the first Accountable Care Organizations recognized by Medicare is right here in Tucson, now marking one year of groundbreaking achievement.

Arizona Connected Care (AzCC, at is a leader in the new health care dynamic, focused on improving health while controlling costs. Partners in this venture include primary care physicians and specialists, with Tucson Medical Center as a minority shareholder.

Just released is AzCC’s Year One Report, outlining some of the successes already becoming apparent one year after ACO designation by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Consider some of the milestones being achieved:

  • patients are receiving the care they need to help them stay healthy longerAzCC logo
  • physicians have the chance to practice medicine the way they’ve always wanted to, with a focus on individual patient needs
  • hospitals are caring for those who truly need the specialized care they provide
  • and the dramatic increases in health care costs are being slowed.

Scroll through AzCC’s Year One Report for all the details on how this new form of teamwork is delivering results.


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