“It would have been a horror not to have donated.” Widow’s decision brought comfort

donatelifeaz logo (2)Organ donation saves lives, tissue donation heals lives, and corneas restore sight.  The Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 federally designated organ procurement organization for the state of Arizona.  Their dedicated and passionate work saves and heals the lives of Arizonans.

In honor of National Donate Life Month, we are posting some touching letters written to the DNA following a family’s decision to give life despite grieving a loved one.

Dear Hospital Staff,

When my husband died from a massive heart attack, with my father’s reminder, we approached the hospital regarding donation.  My husband, Bill, had always said that if in his death he could help someone, why not. Believing donation should be the rule, he thought someone should have to request not to be a donor. In this death, though numb in loss, I followed his desire.

Donation has been a source of comfort to me, then as it is now. By helping others to gain sight and mobility, my grief has been mingled with comfort, strength and even joy. It would have been a horror not to have donated. Every time I hear a recipient’s story, it affirms the rightness of the decision. It matters that the donation happened. It is a light into the darkness. I am proud to be a donor spouse.

Rose Whitaker
Donor Wife

For more information on the registry, click here and check the new tribute site at http://liveonaz.org.

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