TMC Chaplain blesses new tower

On Friday, May 3, Chaplain Mary Klaehn moved through the new TMC Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower with a small group of TMC staff, blessing each floor. The blessing is designed to celebrate the hard work that goes into completing such a massive project, and to herald prosperity for the patients, families and staff who will work and pass through it when it opens. The tower blessing was an interfaith event, represented by sage (traditional to Native Americans), as well as a singing bowl and holy water.
“This is a tradition to prepare and cleanse a new space,” explained Klaehn, who has worked as a Chaplain at TMC since 2001. “We also pray in order to lift up the folks that will be working in this building, and for those who will receive care here to have healing and peace.”
When TMC closed the education building that used to sit on the site of the new tower, Klaehn was asked to perform a closing blessing. The former building, which once housed the nurse dormitories, was a space full of memories. The closing ceremony represented an opportunity to give prayers of gratefulness to all of the people who served there throughout the years.

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First Floor-
Spirit of the East, of the air, cleanse and inspire this space.
Spirit of the South, of water, strengthen and bring peace to this place.
Spirit of the West, of fire, energize and protect this place.
Spirit of the North, of earth, ground and cleanse this space.
Great Father Sky, guard this place from above.
Great Mother Earth, nurture this place from below.

Second Floor-
Creator God, who knits each person together in their mother’s womb;
it is you who reveals knowledge to practitioners of medicine.
We thank you for the heritage of medical breakthrough, expertise, and welfare that we enjoy in our nation, freely available to us because of your revelation and the faithfulness of previous generations. Renew thanksgiving in our hearts for what we have received because of others’ work and sacrifice.

Third Floor-
Great Healer, you provide insight to all who seek you and you defend those in need.
We thank you for the gift of health services—even as we strive to make it available to everyone no matter where they are on their life’s journey. Give your wisdom to our government, health professionals, and advisers as they seek the reforms which we pray will bring the blessings of justice and health to all.

Fourth Floor-
Loving God, giver of every good thing,
bless our hospital to thrive, to serve, and to heal.
Bless our doctors, nurses, aides, technicians, therapists, chaplains, as they care, excel, and bring healing of body, mind, and spirit.
Bless those who tend to the tasks of providing food, of keeping the hospital clean, and those who tend to the upkeep of the buildings themselves.
Bless our volunteers who help out in so many and diverse ways.
Bless our administrators who vision, dream, and plan.
Bless the workers of every type who have brought this particular dream to fruition.
And, finally, we ask . . .
Make this hospital a place of blessing and a center of love made visible.

May it be so, in Your Holy Name. Amen.

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