Gov. Jan Brewer rallies at TMC to expand Medicaid

Tucson Medical Center welcomed Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Wednesday as she discussed what the Medicaid Restoration Plan means to Southern Arizona.  The Governor was joined by Tucson-area healthcare and business leaders, along with community members.

“If the Legislature does nothing, more than 60,000 Arizonans now on AHCCCS will lose coverage – totally and instantly – at the end of the year.  That includes cancer patients in the middle of treatment, diabetics, heart patients and about 2,000 Arizonans with serious mental illness.  We cannot let this happen.  I know we won’t let it happen – not with the help of the local leaders standing with me today, and everyone in Pima County willing to raise their voice in support of this important effort.  We can get this accomplished together.”  -Governor Jan Brewer during today’s Medicaid Expansion Rally at TMC.

Call or email your legislators.  Better yet, DO BOTH.  Let them know how important this issue is to you, your family and Arizona.  Ask your family and friends to do the same.  Time is short.  Now is when action matters!


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