BICAS installs custom bike racks on TMC’s campus

Bike_Rack_5BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Art & Salvage) is a community run non-profit bicycle recycling and education center. Far from a traditional bicycle shop, BICAS’ mission is to promote education, art, and a healthy environment while providing service and opportunity for those in need.

Providing bicycle recycling, advocacy and education that help people build, repair and maintain their bicycles, has contributed to providing necessary transportation for individuals to obtain steady employment and be able to support themselves.

In addition to providing these services to the community, BICAS also creates bike art, including custom recycled bike racks, some of which have been installed in front of the Alamo Building on Tucson Medical Center’s campus.

“I thought those bike racks were really cool and they are how I originally found out about BICAS,” said Troy Neiman, shop coordinator at BICAS, as he recalls seeing some of these types bike racks on 4th Avenue when he first moved to Tucson years ago.

“These bike racks are made from bicycle parts that can’t be used for bikes anymore. Building these bike racks is a great way for BICAS to raise funds for the many programs and services we provide, while also sharing functional art with our community,” said Neiman.

Click here to view more custom recycled bike racks that BICAS has created, and read about the programs and services they offer.


  1. Susan Frank says:

    I wanted to point out this installation was an Eagle Project by Alex Frank of Troop 157. There will be a plaque installed once it is ready.


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