Tim Hartin settles in as TMC’s new Chief Legal Officer

Tim Hartin TMC Chief Legal Officer

Tim Hartin
TMC Chief Legal Officer

It took Tim Hartin 25 years to find what he calls the perfect job, but he’s confident he’s finally discovered it as TMC’s new Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.  “This environment is a good fit for what I like to do and what I want to do.  I love the fact that TMC is a non-profit hospital that serves as a true resource for the community.  I like being right here in the hospital and having everything under practically one roof,” he said. 

Hartin brings a wealth of experience that he will rely on to solve problems at TMC.  The Harvard Law School graduate spent time practicing business and health care law in Virginia and Wisconsin before moving to Texas.  He served as Assistant General Counsel at Baylor Health Care System in Dallas, and most recently served as General Counsel for Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo. 

Early in his career, he figured out that he prefers working in a stand-alone hospital rather than dealing with corporate law.  “So much of what I do is different than what most lawyers spend their day doing.  My job is based on organizational culture and relationships.  I’m sitting here with my clients, so there’s going to be a different kind of relationship than you’ll find anywhere else,” he explained.  And that relationship, he said – whether it’s with patients or physicians – is best fostered by starting with an offer to help rather than instantly making demands.  “There’s no shortage of ways to help around a hospital.”

Tracy Nuckolls Former TMC Chief Legal Officer

Tracy Nuckolls
Former TMC Chief Legal Officer

Hartin replaces Tracy Nuckolls who retired in April after 35 years of service to TMC.  “I’m envious of Tracy because I’ve wanted every job I’ve had to be the last job I ever had.  I think I’m finally here – at the last job I’ll ever have.  Tracy found that early on and I envy him.  What a wonderful thing.  It’s something I always wanted for myself.” 

How’s it been stepping into a role that was held by someone who was so successful, for so long?  “The great thing about being Tracy’s successor is that everything is running really well already.  I didn’t have to rush in and do anything different.  Sure, I’ll make some changes, but Tracy left me a well-oiled machine, and my time here so far has been an absolute pleasure.”  Hartin realizes those changes won’t happen overnight though.  “TMC is a big, complicated organization that is open 24/7, so we can’t make sudden changes because we always have a house full of patients.  It takes time for things to evolve.”

The best part about his position?  There’s always something different coming across his desk.  “You never know what it’s going to be when the phone rings, and I love that – it’s a lot of fun.”  He is especially passionate about tackling patient-driven issues and piecing the facts together to ensure the best decision is reached.  “There are the patients, the medical staff, and the business all mixed together.  It’s my job to make sure everyone gets taken care of.”

The future of health care in Southern Arizona is, as he described it, an enormous mystery.  “Right now, health care is in the process of being reengineered from every direction including, unfortunately, Washington.   The challenge for TMC is to make their best guess about what health care is going to look like, and place their bet on how they’re going to be a part of that.  TMC has put its bet on the Accountable Care Organization, or ACO.  I think for this market, it’s a pretty good bet to make.  We’re off to a running start in this market since we have such a big profile, and I think that will only help us down the road.”

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