He could be the luckiest guy in Tucson…Here’s TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize winner #1!

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1 Michael Martin

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1
Michael Martin

Michael Martin has a big decision to make.

Move into a brand new home in northwest Tucson that includes $30,000 in upgrades, plus receive $100,000 cash.

Or, forget the house and opt for $576,000.

He’s already walking away with a brand new Mercedes.  The fact that he’s even pondering a dilemma like this still feels very surreal, he said.  Martin is the first-ever grand prize winner #1 of the TMC Mega Raffle!

He bought three tickets for $250, and admits he was disappointed when he didn’t win anything in the Early Bird drawing a few weeks ago.  “I figured I just made a nice donation to a good cause at a great hospital,” he said.

“I have a four-bedroom house already.  I actually had an appointment with a realtor for 3 p.m. one day to look at other houses so I could downsize.  At 1 o’clock that day, I got a call from Kathy Rice.  She left me a voicemail telling me I’d won the TMC Mega Raffle.  I didn’t believe it!”

He really didn’t believe it.

“My buddies play some pretty elaborate jokes on me.  I thought they were messing with me,” he said.  “I called Kathy back, and I still didn’t believe it.”  So, he called his parents.  “My mom said, ‘Mike – someone has got to be pulling your leg.’  I wanted to believe it, but there was always that thought in the back of my mind that people don’t really win prizes like this.  I hopped on the internet and started checking things out, and all of the pieces started falling into place.”  That’s when he started to think maybe the Mega Raffle was legitimate.  “I thought to myself, either this is the worst joke that’s ever been played by anybody, or this is definitely the real deal.”  Now that it’s starting to sink in, Martin says he’s on cloud 9.

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1 Michael Martin

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1 Michael Martin

Reality started to hit at the Mercedes dealership when he was looking at a shiny new roadster with his name on it.  “It was gorgeous – but I’m really not a roadster guy, so they’ve ordered me an SUV, no problem.  It was just a matter of filling out some more paperwork.”

The 38-year-old has bounced from his hometown in Arkansas to Tucson a few times since 2007 as part of his work for the Air National Guard.  He’s now here for good – and is trying his hardest to get his family to come join him.  “I called my parents and said, ‘I’ll take the house if you guys come live out here.  All you have to do is pay the utility bills.’  I did the same with my brother and his family.  I’d do anything to get my family out here.  Unfortunately, there’s just too much keeping them in Arkansas.” 

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1 Michael Martin

TMC Mega Raffle Grand Prize Winner #1
Michael Martin

Martin visited the A.F. Sterling home and admits he’s tempted to keep it.  “It’s a mansion compared to what I have now.  It’s incredible.  The backyard would be perfect to have people come over and cook out.  The kitchen was amazing.  It would be a great bachelor pad!”

But with his family rooted in Arkansas, Martin says he’s about 90 percent certain he’s just going to take the cash option.  What’s he going to do with all that money?  At this point, he’s not sure.  Even after taxes, he’ll walk away with a pretty penny.  “I’m going to let myself use about 10-15 percent of what I end up with just to have fun.  I’m going to put the rest of it where I can’t get to it for about 3-6 months and just let the dust settle.

“I’m a big believer that if you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen to you.  I felt extremely fortunate before I won the Mega Raffle.  I’ve got a great job, and I love what I do.  This is a blessing.”

Congratulations, Michael, and thank you to everyone who supported patient care at TMC by purchasing tickets.  The TMC Mega Raffle will be back next year!

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