TMC and Ventana Medical Systems celebrate continuous extraordinary advancements to TMC’s laboratory

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TMC celebrated its state-of-the-art laboratory during a formal ribbon cutting ceremony.  TMC upgraded its laboratory in a collaboration with Ventana Medical Systems, a global leader in tissue diagnostics.  Key leadership from TMC and Ventana Medical Systems were in attendance, including TMC President and CEO Judy Rich, and Ventana President and CEO Mara Aspinall.  The event marked the significant enhancement and continuing collaboration between both organizations.  In the lab, multiple state-of-the-art technologies were connected to create the best patient results.

“This collaboration with Ventana is critical to ensuring our patients receive world class accuracy and precision from TMC’s highly efficient laboratory,” said Rich.  “This equipment is key to enhancing patient safety and improving quality.  It also helps position the hospital for growth while providing exceptional and reliable service to our community.  At TMC, we focus on delivering the best diagnostic result for every patient we serve, and this is a giant leap forward.”

The new equipment, which includes four instruments and the accompanying software, allows the hospital to perform more in-house tests.  This reduces the need for outside laboratories that could add to turnaround time.  The automation also allows for stronger management of patient identification through the process.  This reduces the opportunity for misdiagnosis and mislabeling.  Since the technologist or one pathologist works with one patient at a time through the entire process, there is greater continuity of care.

“The ribbon cutting was a great success,” said John Allen, TMC’s Director of Laboratory Services.  “Our leaders from both TMC and Ventana were gracious, and the strength of our confidence in each other across these two corporations was palpable.  We are two organizations with a vision of the future of pathology, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and a commitment to our community that is unified, thoughtful and creative.  I am proud to be a part of this partnership and am excited to see what we can do next.”

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