Cracking down on summer crime with the TMC Security team


TMC Security Services and the Crime Prevention K9 Unit are dedicated to maintaining a safe community in Southern Arizona.  Officers provide the following useful safety information to help you and your family avoid becoming victims of crime this summer.

Vacation Safety

Don’t let your summer vacation turn stressful by becoming a victim of criminals who like to prey on unsuspecting vacationers!

     Before you leave:
          ▪  Schedule a friend or neighbor to pick up mail and/or deliveries.
          ▪  Make your house look “lived in.”  Use timers to run lights and a radio
             on and off during expected hours.
         ▪  Make a photocopy of all your credit cards before you leave home so
             that you have a record of the card numbers in the event your credit
             cards are lost or stolen.
          ▪  Program the phone number to your bank and credit card company
              into your cell phone in the event your checks or credit cards are lost
              or stolen. 
          ▪  Avoid posting anything on social media about your plans to leave
     On the road:
          ▪  Always lock valuables out of sight.  Carry wallets, checkbooks and 
             purses with you.
          ▪  Do not advertise that you are a tourist.  Place maps and travel
              brochures in the glove compartment.
     At the hotel:
          ▪  Take a few minutes and locate the fire escape that is closest to your
          ▪  Use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows when
              occupying or leaving your room.
          ▪  When unpacking your things, arrange them so that you’ll know if
              anything turns up missing.
          ▪  Close up and lock your suitcases whenever you leave so that they
              cannot be used to carry property out of your room.
          ▪  Don’t hesitate to report any suspicious persons or activities to hotel
              management and the police.

Summer safety for children

The summer is a time when parents should remind their children about all things safety.  It’s also a time when children are often left home alone while parents work.  Empowering your child with the knowledge of what to do in certain situations will give you both peace of mind.

     ▪  Participate in TMC’s Children’s Identification Program.  A
         fingerprint/identification card allows parents to collect specific 
         information by easily recording the physical characteristics and 
         fingerprints of their children.  Please call (520) 324-5397 for more
     ▪  Make sure children know their full name, address and telephone
         number.  Make sure they know their parents’ names too.
     ▪  When children are home alone, make sure they know to keep the door
         locked and closed for everyone.  Inform them to let the phone ring if
         someone calls, and to call 911 if they hear or notice anything suspicious.

Suspicious people

Suspicious behavior is difficult to define, but the key here is to trust your gut.  If something seems out of place, is not quite right, or just raises a red flag in your mind, report it immediately.  “See something, say something.”  If you see a suspicious person, do your best to note the following:

  ▪  What they are wearing.
  ▪  What they look like (height, build, hair color, skin complexion, etc.).
  ▪  Where they are.
  ▪  The direction they are heading if they are moving.
  ▪  What they are doing.
  ▪  Any vehicles they are using (type, color and license plate number if possible).

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