TMC named one of “Most Wired” hospitals for the second year running.

Tucson Medical Center has been recognized for the second year in a row as  a “Most Wired” hospital, leading the way in information technology across the nation.

As one of only two Arizona hospitals to secure the honor, TMC is the only one in Southern Arizona to make the Most Wired list, which recognizes those hospitals that comprehensively use technologies to improve care for patients, to streamline data collection and to boost efficiencies.

The hospitals were culled from 1,713 hospitals represented in surveys by Hospitals & Health Networks, a publication of the American Hospital Association.

“TMC for years has been focused on finding ways to leverage technology to improve patient care,” said TMC’s Chief Information Officer Frank Marini. “I was very pleased that the organization has been recognized for the hard work and the investment it has taken to get to this point.”

“It is not an easy designation to reach, so I think it says something about the progressive culture we have here at TMC,” Marini continued.

With the rapidly changing pace of healthcare today,  technology will absolutely provide a strong foundation to keep abreast of these changes, as well as play a crucial role in the improvement of patient care while intelligently managing resources.

“We all know that being “Most Wired” is not the end goal, but the conduit to providing better patient care, improving patient outcomes and leveraging data to make a positive impact on the health of the people in our community,” stated Susan Snedaker,  Director of Information Systems for TMC. ” For these reasons, we are proud to be among the “Most Wired”.”


  1. Barbara Litrell says:

    Why in the world would a hospital want to be among the most wired given the peer reviewed scientific studies documenting illnesses caused by our increasing exposure to wireless? Check out for a wealth of information about effects of wireless and electromagnetic microwave frequency. Check out the health impacts section.

  2. Geneva’s University Hospital (HUG) is also wireless – routers in every corridor, radiating patients. When I was recently a patient there, the waves increased pain and caused sleep disturbances. I confronted the hospital head with this and he replied, since there is no proof that wireless is harmless is or not harmless, they will not have it removed. It is also in the Maternity and Children’s Hospital – “for the comfort of patients”. What ignorance from the medical profression !!

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