TMC CNO Maish wins Mountain West GEM Award

Elizabeth Maish, Tucson Medical Center vice president and Chief Nursing Officer, has been named winner of a GEM – Giving Excellence Meaning – Award for the Mountain West Region by solicits nominations honoring RNs who exhibit nursing excellence to be considered for GEM Awards in several categories.  Maish won top honors in the category Advancing and Leading the Profession, which selects an RN who is well-known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader and change agent. Those nominated for this award are also recognized for moving the profession forward through patient care administration, education, research, or other professional activities.

As outlined in her nomination, Maish is highly regarded as a nurse leader in the community and is frequently sought by other hospitals and colleagues to collaborate on patient safety issues and innovative practices. She is considered an expert on patient safety and nursing practice. 

As Mountain West honoree, Maish and other winners in each region will now be considered for national recognition in Washington DC at the 2013 Nurses of the Year Event.

TMC also was represented among the nominees by Veronica York, Pediatrics nurse, as one of those considered in the category Clinical Nursing, Inpatient.  Only a handful of nominations in each category are included in the final pool of honorees for the region

Maish Award


  1. Would someone at TMC be able to share with me some of the innovative practices in patient safety that Mrs. Maish has been involved with? I work with, an online publication for medical professionals that aims to seek out the best ideas and share them to advance healthcare.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt, thank you for your inquiry. Elizabeth Maish is more than happy to give you information regarding safety programs and practices that are being implemented at TMC. If you would like, she would be willing to have a brief phone call or email exchange on the topic. Feel free to email me at to set something up.

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