Rachel Tineo – ‘Living Well’ in the workplace and beyond

Tineo_Blog_ImageA lot of co-workers at Tucson Medical Center have come to consider Rachel Tineo the poster child for workplace wellness.

Tineo, a senior systems analyst at TMC, was overweight several years back, and had begun developing weight-related ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and even bouts of depression. Her “aha!” moment came three years ago when her doctor challenged her to change her thinking and get on the path to a longer, healthier life.

Long story short: It worked.

Face with the possibility of dying early, Tineo improved her diet, increased her activity level, brightened her outlook, and lost about 80 pounds in the process.

“The more I exercised, the more I wanted to eat right, and the more I wanted to help others make good choices of their own,” she said.

Rachel - Before

Rachel – Before

Tineo hooked up with a personal trainer and learned how to safely push herself to get results. Little by little, she made fitness an increasingly large part of her routine. Now, it’s something that is so a part of who she is, she couldn’t live without it.

It wasn’t only Tineo that was changed. As a mother and wife, her lifestyle began to have an effect on her family as whole.

“My whole family is getting active. Instead of eating bad foods and sitting on the couch watching TV, we workout as a family. I’ve learned to cook, healthier meals. As a result, my children are learning how to eat well. I am changing their future ,” she said.

Her story resonates in the workplace – even more so now that TMC has launched its Live Well initiatives for employees, using Tineo as an example of a successful lifestyle change. She shared the story of her journey toward better health during employee Town Hall meetings last year.

“If I’m helping even one person around me, then I’m doing a lot of good,” Tineo said.

Rachel - After

Rachel – After

She enjoys the fact that employee wellness has become more of a workplace priority.  “If I don’t bring healthy snacks from home, I know I can rely on the TMC to have healthy items available in the Cafeteria, or Higher Grounds, or Peppers Café,” she said. “I rely on healthy fuel, and we have the pre-made food, the power drinks, the salads to choose from.”

Tineo exercises six days a week, and her mantra – Move Your Body! – guides her journey toward long-term health.  Now she has influenced others in her extended family and among her co-workers to make healthy changes.

“I used to sigh and cringe when faced with a challenge.  Now, I feel I’m ready for anything.”

livewellWhile TMC’s Live Well program is an internal program for staff, there is a public seminar available to the public to get on the right track. The 2.5 hour seminar includes discussions and resources about physical activity, nutrition and mental/emotional well-being. To learn more or submit registration, click here.


  1. hmmmm I wonder who that Personal Trainer was……lol

    • You of course Danny!

    • Rachel I am looking on the TMC website to see how many miles is the Track outside around TMC.
      I am looking to find a good personal trainer to help motivate me into shape. I about 90 lbs over weight and need help. Where does Danny work at? Thank you and congrats on your amazing weight loss results.

      • Julia Strange says:

        Thank you for your post. Rachel’s story is quite inspirational and we hope that it will help motivate many to choose a healthy lifestyle over the short lived diets.

        TMC has a beautiful outdoor walking path that is 1.85 miles with posted distance every quarter mile. We welcome you to enjoy the path with friends and family. Exercising with others has been shown to increase your commitment to being active because it is more fun and you are more accountable.

        While TMC doesn’t promote one business over another, we do recommend that if you are looking for a personal trainer that you look for one that has been certified through an accredited organization such as the American Council on Exercise or the American College of Sports Medicine. Here is the link to the ACE site that will help you locate a trainer in your area:


        Also remember that you need to feel comfortable with whoever you select and confident in their skills. Make sure they know enough about you, your goals and your medical history to accurately develop a plan that will help you be successful. If they don’t take your history or goals into consideration, they are doing you a disservice and the plan will likely not be one you can stick with long term.

        I hope this information has been helpful.


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