Seasonal lights and cactus hats give TMC a special glow

The historic campus of Tucson Medical Center, recently upgraded with new structures and landscapes, now exhibits a holiday glow each night.

Crews from TMC Facilities and Plant Services have placed festive holiday lights in strategic spots – strung around saguaros, stretched along rooflines and settled into luminarias. Additional light displays appear atop buildings in the shape of TMC’s signature saguaro cactus. The lighting arrangements will glow nightly for the duration of the season.

Almost all the light displays this year use new LED bulbs, a long-lasting eco-friendly choice that will require a minimal amount of electrical power to illuminate.  Even the luminarias are lit by LED bulbs, strung to represent paper lanterns atop historic buildings near the campus entrance at Beverly Avenue and Grant Road.

The upgraded lighting display adds new luster to TMC’s custom of placing Santa hats atop the many saguaros around campus – a tradition dating back many years.  This year, some of the Santa hats are sharing space atop the saguaros with solar panels that provide power for light displays on the cactus.


  1. TMC gave some of its workers a card with a single dollar bill in it last year. Very mean spirited and weird.

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