New leadership for the TMC Foundation Board of Trustees

A new year brings a fresh face and new leadership to the TMC Foundation Board.  Christine Aronoff is now serving as chairwoman and Tricia Lohse is the newest board member, both helping the TMC Foundation’s efforts in support of Tucson Medical Center. 

Christine Aronoff  TMC Foundation Chairwoman

Christine Aronoff
TMC Foundation Chairwoman

Aronoff has been on the TMC Foundation Board since 2009 in addition to working at Wells Fargo Bank, where she’s been for the past 17 years.  Aronoff is currently Senior VP and wealth manager.  She has a strong background in accounting (CPA), commercial lending, brokerage and management but her niche is the financial management and coordination of high net worth family relationships, which makes her a valuable asset to the TMC Foundation Board.  “During my time as chairwoman, I hope for successful fundraising as well as continuing to enhance TMC’s already strong reputation in the Southern Arizona community.  I am proud to be involved with a hospital that is so invested in the community,” she said. 

Michael Duran, Vice President & Chief Development Officer with the TMC Foundation said, “Christine’s enthusiasm and tireless support for TMC will serve her well in the role of board chair.  I know I speak for everyone at TMC when I say how excited we are to have her as chair and we look forward to her leadership.”

Anne Fulton-Cavett TMC Foundation Immediate Past Chairwoman

Anne Fulton-Cavett
TMC Foundation Immediate Past Chairwoman

Aronoff inherits the chair from Anne Fulton-Cavett, who has been on the board since 1997 and recently wrapped up a two-year term as chairwoman.  “It has been my honor and privilege to serve as chairwoman.  The Foundation staff is an incredible team and I already miss not speaking with them weekly, if not daily!  I am passionate about the care our superb community hospital provides and fundraising for TMC has been rewarding.  I am proud of what we accomplished and I look forward to Christine’s capable leadership as I pass the torch,” said Fulton-Cavett. 

Duran said, “Anne’s leadership has been defined by her long-standing relationship with TMC that began years ago when her mother would bring her to the hospital when her mother was a resident physician.  Her longevity with TMC has assisted her to understand and articulate our mission better than anyone I know.”

“I admire the people who are on the board,” said Aronoff.  “They carry themselves with the highest level of professionalism and passion for the mission of TMC.  They are very giving, and they inspire you to do more.  Anne is a perfect example of that.  I served under her leadership, and under the leadership of David Cohen.  Somebody needs to carry the torch, and continue guiding the path that these role models helped establish.  I’m honored to step up and help in this way and grateful to have the support of my family and my employer, Wells Fargo Bank, as this role takes time from both,” she said.

When asked about her leadership style, Aronoff said she wants to continue to lead by example but knows there is still much to learn.  She is eager for the challenge.   

Peter and Christine Aronoff with their kids Nathan and Alexandria

Peter and Christine Aronoff with their kids Nathan and Alexandria

“I have some big shoes to fill,” she said.  “Anne is a great leader.  She manages her professional life, family and finds time to make a difference in the community.  I feel deep gratitude to TMC, and this is my way of giving back to the community,” she said.  That gratitude stems from her experience of becoming a new mom – when her now 12-year-old son Nathan was born at TMC.  “He had to be in the NICU for about three weeks.  The staff and nurses were truly miracle workers for my son.  I am deeply appreciative for them, and am proud to be able to give back in this way.” 

Tricia Lohse TMC Foundation Board Member

Tricia Lohse
TMC Foundation Board Member

The compassion from clinical staff that inspired Aronoff to serve is also what drew Tricia Lohse to the TMC Foundation as a new board member.  Lohse recently wrapped up a nine year stint as an EMT instructor for Pima Community College.  Now, she works full time for a dozen private foundations in Tucson that are family operated.  Her latest commitment with TMC allows her to blend her fundraising talents with her passion for medicine.  “I am most impressed with the pediatric work TMC does,” she said.  “My 5-year-old nephew has been in TMC as a patient a few times.  The care units are amazing.  The people are spectacular.  I’ve been in and out of every other hospital in town, and the compassion at TMC is not paralleled.  Structurally, a hospital is a hospital.  But you cannot change the devotion.  You can’t reproduce devotion at the level that TMC has.”

Lohse has spent a significant amount of time volunteering for non-profits in the Tucson area, and feels strongly about supporting TMC’s mission as a community hospital.  She’ll bring a unique background in grant-making to the TMC Foundation.  “My experience will allow me to prove why we need to ask for money.  Grant-making is right up my alley.  I’m also looking forward to the committee work, and more immediately – Rock ‘N Rodeo!

Michael Duran TMC Foundation Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Michael Duran
TMC Foundation Vice President & Chief Development Officer

“We are thrilled to have Tricia join us on the TMC Foundation Board of Trustees,” said Duran.  “Her youth and infectious enthusiasm will help us reach out to a younger philanthropic audience.  Recruiting the next generation of philanthropists is an important next step for the evolution of the TMC Foundation.”

Aronoff is especially excited about the upcoming Mega Raffle, which is back for a second year.  “It’s a big step outside normal fundraising.  It was exciting bringing people into TMC in that way last year, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.  When the winners were announced, it was so fun hearing about their connection to TMC,” she said.

No doubt, there are some long days ahead for both ladies.  Aronoff, who is also a mom of two busy kids, said she thrives on multitasking, and filling her day until it’s about to burst.  “It’s all I know,” she said.  “It’s important to me that my children see me helping out the community.  Whenever I leave for a meeting, I tell them that mom is doing this to help other people, including other kids.  They are very supportive and look forward to helping in their own way.”

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