Now hear this: Loop donation enhances TMC Senior Services

Thanks to a facility upgrade donated by a local physician group, attendees at TMC Senior Services classroom events may now be able to hear what’s happening more clearly than ever.

TENT Loop 1An induction loop – also known as a hearing loop or room loop – has been installed at the Healthy Living Connections classroom at TMC Senior Services, 1400 N. Wilmot, on the El Dorado Health Campus.  The organization offers a wide range of lectures and activities for older adults throughout the year.

The generous support for the upgrade comes from Tucson Ear, Nose and Throat, a local practice founded in 1987 by a core group of leading otolaryngologists. The group includes seven physicians and five audiologists, plus more than 30 staff members.

A dedication was held on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at the classroom. Michael Duran, TMC Foundation vice president and chief development officer, officially thanked Tucson ENT for their generosity – adding that this really does reflect philanthropy throughout the community. He noted that the doctors saw a need among the patients they see and pooled their resources to make it better for the community.  Robert Dean, MD, treated the audience to an informative presentation on hearing loss. Members of the ALOHA (Adult Loss of Hearing Association) Board of Directors and volunteers were available to talk about support groups and other services for people with hearing loss.

L'Don Sawyer, TMC Senior Services; Michael Duran, TMC Foundation; Dr. Robert Dean, TENT; Stephanie Navarrete, TENT

L’Don Sawyer, TMC Senior Services; Michael Duran, TMC Foundation; Dr. Robert Dean, TENT; Stephanie Navarrete, TENT

The loop system employs a wire around the room and an amplifier to send an electromagnetic signal throughout the area. Hearing devices equipped with a telecoil will pick up the signal and convert it to audible sound.  Telecoils are tiny bundles of wire that are part of the mechanism inside many newer hearing aids and cochlear implants.  In addition, attendees may use special headphones provided at events to hear the amplified signal.TENT Loop 3

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