Perfect timing and a stroke of luck makes TMC custodian a Mega Raffle winner

Israel Chavez never considered himself unlucky, even though he’s never won anything really big. He believes it’s all about timing. He bought six tickets to the TMC Mega Raffle last year and didn’t win a thing. “I still felt good because I knew I was helping the hospital,” said the TMC custodian. Chavez said it simply wasn’t his time to win.

But this year, it was his time.

TMC Custodian  Israel Chavez

TMC Custodian
Israel Chavez

With the TMC Mega Raffle back for a second year, Chavez bought another six tickets. He didn’t win anything in the Appreciation or Early Bird Drawings, and quite frankly had forgotten that the Grand Prize Drawing was happening – until he received a voicemail from the raffle organizers. “I thought I won a coffee maker, or something small,” said Chavez. “But my wife convinced me otherwise. She said they wouldn’t call me for something like that, and thought we had won either the house or a car.”

Her intuition was spot on.

Chavez won a 2014 Cadillac and $12,000 to cover most of the taxes.

“I was so surprised and excited. I just couldn’t believe it,” Chavez beamed. He even pinched himself upon hearing the news in case it was all too good to be true. “We needed another car and were thinking about buying another one. It definitely was our time!”

Chavez is still debating whether to keep the Cadillac or sell it and purchase something a little less luxurious for everyday use.

Is he convinced that his Mega Raffle luck has run out? Absolutely not. He says he’ll purchase another six tickets when the TMC Mega Raffle is back for its third year in 2015.

“God told me I’m going to win the house next year!”


  1. Claire Aragón says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person! Congratulations, Israel!

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