TMC’s Michael Duran, TMC Foundation vice president, follows in the dance steps of Linda Wojtowicz

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May 5 update: During Saturday’s seventh annual Dancing With Our Stars, TMC Vice President Michael Duran won both the judges’ award and the audience award for dancing the bolero. Congratulations go out to Duran and his partner, Ramona Danielle, for the fun, the fancy footwork and the support of the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank.


Linda Wojtowicz dancing at the 2012 DWOS.

Linda Wojtowicz dancing at the 2012 DWOS.

TMC’s Michael Duran has a hard act to follow. In 2012, former TMC Chief Operations Officer Linda Wojtowicz wowed the crowd with her foxtrot at the annual Dancing with Our Stars fund-raising event for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, coming in second place.

Last year, TMC Foundation Trustee Anne Fulton-Cavett was a big winner and crowd favorite at DWOS, Tucson’s take on the wildly popular television program. The event pairs local “stars” with professional dancers who practice their hearts out and then hit the stage to dazzle and entertain, all for the benefit of the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona. Adding to the excitement is the audience’s participation in the voting process keeping everyone on the edge of their seats wondering which pair will take first place.

Duran dances bolero at this year's DWOS, benefiting the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank.

Michael Duran will dance bolero at this year’s DWOS benefiting the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank.

This year, Duran has taken up the challenge and the cause….

How did you get roped into all of this?

TMC has had a tradition of sponsoring this great event as well as offering up an executive to participate. After a few recommendations, I decided that I would take one for the team and dance for a good cause.

What dance will you be performing? What song?

I will be dancing a bolero to the Temptations’ Just My Imagination.

Why did you choose this particular dance?

I really have to give credit to my instructor, Ramona Daniel. She picked the song and did all of the choreography. She’s just an amazing instructor and thankfully very patient. For my part, I wouldn’t have known a bolero from a cha cha or a rumba. I remember though, about our fifth lesson, Ramona asked me why we were doing a bolero and I told her that I had no idea. She laughed and told me that it was one of the most difficult dances. All I could think was, “well, now you tell me.”

How much training/practice have you put in?

I started practicing back in February and I have had around 13 lessons since then.

Have you been studying Dancing with the Stars and dance videos for tips?

No. I don’t even watch Dancing with the Stars.

Have you always danced, or is this a completely new adventure for you?

My wife and daughter both danced ballet, and I have always appreciated dance immensely. But, for me, this is way, way out of my comfort zone. That being said, I have really enjoyed the challenge and the chance to be a part of such a moving cause.

Out of your fellow contestants who are you most concerned is going to dance off with the win?

I think I may have some good competition from Jenny Carrillo…I watched her practice on Saturday and she looked really good!

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, the first diaper bank in the nation, addresses a gaping hole in the social safety net by providing diapers to old, disabled and young alike. Diapers aren’t covered by food stamps and there are few resources to support the most vulnerable among us and address this little talked about need. Over the past few years the need has grown and while the Diaper Bank distributes over 600,000 diapers and incontinence supplies, the requests total over 1.5 million.

Support Duran’s effort by donating to The Diaper Bank. Add “Stuff the Box for Michael Duran” on your check or credit card donation, or vote online for him and help him take home the trophy! You can also join us at Dancing with Our Stars this Friday, May 2, by purchasing a ticket, or donate sealed packages of diapers and adult continence supplies, host a diaper drive or give to the Diaper Bank (donations of up to $200 per individual can be applied to the working poor Arizona tax credit.)


  1. Good luck Micheal! You will rock Bolero! I will be there cheering you on!

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