Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Mike Brandibur

Mike Brandibur TMC Plant Operations Supervisor

Mike Brandibur
TMC Plant Operations Supervisor

After working in TMC’s Power Plant for the past 27 years, Mike Brandibur will be the first to tell you that his job isn’t very glamorous. “When the power goes out, and there is no cooling, we suddenly become very popular,” he laughed. The Plant Operations Supervisor and his team provide heating, cooling, steam, medical air and emergency power for the hospital when Tucson Electric Power has an outage. “We try to provide the most comfortable environment for patients and their families,” he said.

What’s the most challenging part of his job? The daily duties of making sure TMC has enough of those elements available at all times. Brandibur has seen astounding changes in health care over the years, but says the loyalty and dedication he’s displayed is because of TMC’s core values. “I absolutely love the people who work here,” he explained. “TMC is a great place to work and I’m really proud to have worked here so long.”

Those values are what make Brandibur an exemplary employee, according to Derrell Blair, Plant Services Operations Manager. “Mike Brandibur epitomizes TMC’s core values. We have a lot of very good employees, but I cannot think of anyone who cares more about this hospital than Mike. Mike is a great role model for his staff and is highly respected by his peers.”

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