Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Danny Arnett

The environment around the TMC campus is a little brighter because of long-time employee Danny Arnett and his colleagues on the groundskeeping crew.

Danny Arnett TMC Groundskeeping & Landscape

Danny Arnett
TMC Groundskeeping & Landscape Dept.

“We work hard to make the plants and the grounds look really good,” Arnett said. “It’s important because it helps the patients feel better when they look out the window and they see that the flowers are growing and it looks really nice. And we get good comments from the nurses and the doctors who come to work here every day, too.”

It’s not just his work with landscaping tools that brightens the surroundings. It’s also Arnett’s cheerful demeanor. He has worn a smile to work just about every day that he has been at TMC, for the past 42 years.

“Danny just makes the whole place more pleasant,” said Groundskeeping Supervisor Brad Wedding. “He brings such a positive attitude to the whole department and to everyone he meets around the hospital – he just brightens us all up.”


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