Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson TMC Food and Nutrition Supervisor

Jenn Johnson
TMC Food and Nutrition Supervisor

Feeding some 400 patients, along with thousands of employees, family members and visitors – breakfast, lunch and dinner – 365 days a year, is not an easy task. While Jenn Johnson has it down to a science, the Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor is always trying to do better. “As supervisor, I ensure that our patients receive the right food at the right time, and that all non-patients have healthy, nutritious options available at all times. I also strive to create a good customer service experience between patients and their food service representative,” she said.

Johnson has been at TMC for a year, and supervises all areas of TMC’s Food and Nutrition Department, including the three retail outlets: the TMC Cafeteria, Peppers Café, and Higher Grounds located in the Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower.

She describes the most challenging part of her job as trying to keep up with what patients, staff and visitors want. In the year Johnson has been with TMC, Food and Nutrition Services has rolled out two new services that should translate to a better patient experience. They now offer a gluten free menu in which food is bought, stored and prepared in a specially designated part of the kitchen to prevent any cross-contamination. Also, TMC’s new On Demand Room Service allows patients more freedom of choice when it comes to selecting what they want to eat, and at what time.

“Jenn is approachable, professional and courteous,” said TMC Executive Chef Jason Ricciardelli. “She has great instincts as a leader and a manager. She is also willing and eager to learn and develop new skills vital to TMC’s True North goals for the future.”

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