Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Richard Lopez

Richard Lopez

Richard Lopez sorts linens at the TMC Laundry.

Richard Lopez has worked in the Laundry for eight years and has found Tucson Medical Center to be a place more friendly than any other place he’s worked.

“There are a lot of caring people,” said the equipment operator who attends to the linen needs of patients. He also helps out wherever the need may be.

“A lot of times when people ask for directions, I help them and show them the right way,” he said. “If they need a blanket or something, I take it to them. I help out the best I can, treat people the way I would want to be treated.”

The job is not without its challenges, Lopez admits. The units want their linens quickly. “The faster we get it to them, the happier everyone is.”

And his manager is happy to have him in the department. “Richard is a great employee, very polite and a hard worker,” said Lacee Kimball, manager of Laundry. “When he is out in the hospital, I know that he goes above and beyond to help any patient or guest to the best of his ability.  He really, truly cares about everyone and everything.”


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