Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Cesar Vega

Cesar Vega, Patient Financial Services

Cesar Vega,
Patient Financial Services

Cesar Vega works in Patient Financial Services at Tucson Medical Center. As customer service supervisor, Vega works to make sure patients are satisfied with their visit and that they are assisted in any way necessary with their financial needs.

“A large part of what we focus on is providing financial relief to patients that are faced with an already stressful situation like illness and hospitalization. We always say the patient did not choose to get sick, but when they do, we help out however we can,” Vega said.

This close contact with patients, at one of the more frustrating touch points, means that every day isn’t rosy. Vega said that it is especially challenging to deal with patients who are upset about charges they don’t understand, to get them calmed down and working through a plan.

Despite these challenges, Vega still finds it very fulfilling to have the opportunity to help patients and make a difference in their lives. He also feels like he is surrounded by a close team. “The best thing about working at TMC is that I truly feel the people I work with are my family.”

The feeling is mutual.

As his manager, Jean Newton explained: “Cesar has been with me almost ten years. In addition to being fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language, he is trustworthy, kind to patients and always willing to assist all staff members in our department. These are all part of the TMC Values, and it makes him a great asset.”

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