Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Greg Harris

Greg Harris underneath one of his signs at the 2014 Rock ‘N Rodeo event with his wife, Kathy (right), and director of TMC Volunteer Services Hope Thomas.

Greg Harris is TMC’s cabinet maker and special events carpenter. He was hired 28 years ago after running his own carpentry business for 10 years, including doing jobs for the hospital. Originally he built charting tables, off-the-wall units and other cabinetry pieces throughout the hospital.

Slowly, though, he started working on special events, coordinating logistics as well as the carpentry and stage work, including building sets and other props. His and his team’s handiwork is seen at the likes of Be Safe Saturday, the annual Baby Fair and Rock ‘N Rodeo. Now add to the list themed sets for the TMC Foundation’s annual Gala and Community Benefits’ various community runs.

When the Gala had a Hollywood theme, he had fun building a replica of the iconic Hollywood sign as well as a façade for Ric’s Café from Casa Blanca.

Some of his projects have special meaning. This past year, he built a mesquite fish tank stand for the lobby of the Pediatric Emergency Department. The wood came from trees cut when TMC for Children was expanded. The trees were then milled and dried for two years, he said. “The fish tank is the first piece and the remaining wood is to be used only on furniture for pediatric areas.”

He’s touching the greater community, giving a positive, professional image of the hospital.

“He takes my vision and kicks it up a notch, always exceeding my wildest dreams,” said Hope Thomas, director of Volunteer Services & Community Programs.

“It all started with the TMC arch for Baby Fair in 2000. In my mind’s eye I was picturing a simple arch that bore the TMC logo,” she said. “What I got was a creative and artful masterpiece, right down to the stucco finish and southwest colors and accents. The commitment to every last detail defines his work.”

And it really is all about his interpretation of the vision, she said. “He always wants TMC to outshine every other exhibitor at an event.”

While he enjoys building the sets, he still has responsibilities for the hospital, and that presents some of the challenges of his job – juggling responsibilities with a host of departments, including the Foundation, Community Outreach, Community Benefit and Plant Services.

But that’s nothing compared with the fact that he enjoys what he does.

“There are a lot of fun people around here,” he said, and one in particular. “I met my wife 22 years ago, and we’ve been married 20!”

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