Hospital Week spotlight: Meet David Hughes

Cleanliness is vitally important throughout the hospital – but nowhere more so than the sterile surroundings of TMC’s high-tech surgical suites.

“We make sure it’s the cleanest environment possible,” said David L. Hughes, Environmental Services associate. “Our task is to make sure there is zero contamination, and work to eliminate any risk of infection for our patients who are coming in for surgery.”

David Hughes, Environmental Services associate

David Hughes,
Environmental Services associate

Hughes is part of the team that keeps the operating rooms functioning in the new Orthopaedic and Surgical Services Tower that opened one year ago at TMC. He focuses on the second floor, where there are 14 operating rooms for adult, pediatric and ambulatory surgery. Another 10 operating rooms are on the third floor.

“What we do is so important for our patients,” Hughes said. “I know if I had a family member or friend coming in for surgery, I would want to know that the crew had done everything necessary to keep the environment as clean and sterile as possible!”

“David has always been an integral member of our team for Ambulatory Services,” said Gil Lorea, TMC Environmental Services manager. “David was at the forefront in ensuring that there was a smooth transition from the day the Tower opened its doors. His exemplary performance is an example to his EVS team members on second floor OR.  We are extremely fortunate and delighted to have him on our team!”


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