Hospital Week spotlight: Meet Lucy Maupin

Lucy Maupin, senior systems software engineer

Lucy Maupin, senior systems software engineer

Lucy Maupin works diligently in the Alamo Building, keeping the organization’s major computer systems running smoothly. Maupin, a senior systems software engineer, first started working for TMC 28 years ago in TMCHE Lab. She then moved to Information Services in 2001.

One hat she wears is that of administrator for the Epic database, supporting the foundation of Epic and ensuring that it runs well. She is also the point person performing the technical side of upgrades to Epic, which is the core computer system of the hospital’s electronic medical records.

The other hat she wears is that of systems engineer for the Cloverleaf interface engine, where she manages the real-time interfaces between TMC systems. The interface allows information to be passed from a patient admission in Epic, say, to the computer system in the lab.

“Lucy is responsible for the care and feeding of the core server systems that support both Epic, as well as the Cloverleaf interface engine,” explained Jon Hallgrimsson, I/S manager of systems and databases. “These two systems are probably the most important systems in the hospital and support the daily work of everyone in both the clinical environment, as well as the Business Office.”

She and her team keep Epic up and processing information as efficiently as possible. “I work with a whole team of people who are dedicated to minimizing our planned downtimes,” she said.

“Lucy is passionate about quality and patient safety, and she works very hard to keep the highest standards for TMC’s patients,” Hallgrimsson said. “Lucy is a highly valued member of the I/S systems team, and the entire I/S department relies on her expert knowledge in these critical systems.”

One of her biggest challenges is staying on top of technology changes.

“You have to keep up in order to be effective and provide the expected results of these highly complicated systems,” she said. “There is high risk in most everything I do on a daily basis.”

Though keeping up may be challenging, it also brings its own rewards.

“TMC is giving me the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of software technology, always learning and growing,” she said. “I believe that my hard work contributes to the well-being of our patients and that’s why I love working in health care.”

Hallgrimsson seconds her dedication to patients.

“Lucy is passionate about quality and patient safety, and she works very hard to keep the highest standards for TMC’s patients,” he said, adding that “Lucy has been with TMC for a long time, and is one of my most valued employees. We’re lucky to have her in the driver’s seat for Epic!”

And for Maupin, TMC has made for a satisfying career.

“I’ve been here my whole life. TMC is my life, my home away from home and my family,” she said. “TMC has great people.”

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