Six reasons why your family needs a primary care physician

Six reasons why your family  needs a primary care physician

Why do you need a primary care physician?

You feel fine. No major illnesses, the occasional sniffle, and that niggling headache of course, and your mom just got diagnosed with high cholesterol, but you? You feel fine. You haven’t seen a doctor since you had to rush into urgent care that weekend two years ago.

The time to go to the doctor is when you’re sick right? You don’t have time right now.


Establishing a relationship with your primary care physician has all kind of benefits:

  1. Saving time and money
  2. Try getting in to see a doctor quickly if you don’t have a primary care physician.
    They’ll want you to have had a new patient appointment to get a history and baseline information first. Those long appointments are usually at set times and not as flexible as regular appointments. Having a primary care physician established means the office is more able to squeeze you in for a quick appointment or call you back to discuss an issue and get you back on your feet and maybe back to work quickly.
  3. Back on the road to recovery
    A primary care physician can follow-up and make sure you’re on the way to recovery following a visit to an emergency room.
  4. Keep you up to date
    Whether it’s a new flu strain, or new screening wellness guides your primary care physician can help you stay current on vaccinations and preventative screenings maintaining your good health.
  5. A doctor who looks at the whole you
    Your cardiologist is worrying about your heart rate, your neurologist your seizures, but who is looking at the big picture? Your primary care physician can oversee management of your overall health – they’re able to see results from all specialists and able to get the big picture. And because they have a relationship with you they can help come up with a plan if you have complex medical needs. Which leads us to,
  6. Someone you can talk frankly with about your health concerns
    With a relationship that develops over time, a primary care physician can better understand what matters to the patient regarding lifestyle choices, health goals, etc. Building trust and a connection is an important piece of the relationship between a patient and a primary care physician. If you have a good relationship it is easier to share those pertinent factors that you  might be shy about otherwise.

Don’t have a primary care physician? Let us help you find one today! Call toll-free 1-844-TMC-CARE for assistance.


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