New grads and new beginnings at TMC


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If spring is for graduations then summer is for new beginnings.

At the end of May, scores of new graduates were interviewed for nursing careers at TMC during two days of non-stop interviews.

The goal is to hire a cohort of new grads for the next New Grad Residency Program, which starts July 28. These newly minted nurses will continue to develop their skills in the 12-month program run by clinical nurse educators Erica Murphy and Sue Bentley.

The program, which started in 2011, provides support to the new grads as they transition into practice. It uses a multifaceted approach heavy on education and socialization.

In the first month the new grads benefit from multiple skills labs where they have the opportunity to sharpen or refresh the skills they learned in nursing school, Murphy explained. They are also introduced to the culture of TMC through interdisciplinary experiences and a “walking in my shoes” experience with other staff members who interact closely with patients.

During the next 11 months they attend monthly forums, which continue to provide education through lectures and workouts. In addition to skills development, support is given to the new grads to help them adjust to the ups and downs of transitioning into practice and the stress the profession.

At the end of the year-long program, they are celebrated as no longer being new grads and are recognized for their first year of practice.

Willie Lynch graduated from nursing school in December 2012 and went through the residency program. Now, he works on an adult telemetry unit as a nurse and clinical nurse lead.

His biggest take away from the program: “Have confidence in what you know, and don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know.”

Since its inception in November 2011, 209 new grads have participated, 143 have completed the program and one cohort is still in the middle of the year-long program.

As of this week, more than 30 nurses have been hired. Human Resources is waiting on a few responses and will possibly issue a few more offers. The aim is to have around 40 students in this cohort.


  1. Ursula Reyes says:


    I’m a new graduate nurse and have visited your website a number of times bit have yet to find a position for a new graduate nurse. When will TMC have another opportunity to hire new graduate nurses?

  2. Ursula — We asked our HR department your question and here’s the response: “Tentatively we are looking at starting our next new grad class on July 27. At this point we are determining what units have needs and will probably post our positions later this month or in early May.”


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