Without getting out of bed patients can have their prescriptions filled, video chat with pharmacists

Pharmacist shares information about prescriptions over video conference

Pharmacist shares information about prescriptions over video conference

It’s now easier than ever for patients to fill their prescriptions before leaving Tucson Medical Center.

Patients can have those medications delivered right to their bedside and can even have a counseling session with the pharmacist over a video call without ever leaving their bed.

It goes far beyond a matter of one-stop convenience.

It’s also a matter of safety, since there are a multitude of barriers that could prevent that prescription from being filled after patients leave the hospital, said Pharmacy Director Gilbert Romero. Maybe they don’t have transportation. Maybe they don’t feel up to making that extra stop on the way home and to get prior authorization if they need it. Maybe the prescription is more expensive than they anticipated and they can’t afford it.

“If they’re home and they don’t have their medicine, then they’re not following through with their discharge plan, and that’s when they’re really at risk of re-admission,” Romero said. “Our goal is not only to take care of patients while they’re here, but to make sure they’re on a healthy path after they leave as well.”

If patients run into trouble filling a prescription, they may be helped by drawing on the full resources of the hospital. If a medication is too expensive, case managers can work with that patient to help find a solution. In hardship cases, for example, some medications may be provided for 30 days for free, which at least will serve as a bridge until the patient can see their primary care physician.

Among other conveniences, the Pharmacy:

  • Accepts all large private insurance plans, as well as the state’s Medicaid plans, known more familiarly as AHCCCS.
  • Takes manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Alerts customers via text, email or phone when prescriptions are ready.
  • Offers a great bargain, from inexpensive generics to reasonably priced prescriptions. In fact, for employees, the plan is designed so that the Pharmacy is among the cheapest options in town.
  • Operates during convenient hours; Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. – including through lunch hours – and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. The Pharmacy is closed Sundays and holidays.


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    Can I have my prescription sent to another pharmacy?

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