Tucson Medical Center joins innovative health care network focusing on efficiencies, continuous improvement


Respiratory Care teams hold a daily huddle to prepare for the day and share information.

Respiratory Care teams hold a daily huddle to prepare for the day and share information.

Tucson Medical Center is pleased to announce it has been accepted into the Healthcare Value Network, a network of 60 hospitals committed to an organizational culture change that roots out waste and streamlines processes in a bid to improve quality, cut costs, reduce wait times and improve the overall patient experience.

The network is comprised of hospitals that have embraced “Lean” management practices that have worked effectively in the manufacturing industry for decades and which involve everyone, from executive management to frontline staff, in identifying and removing barriers to improvement.

Tucson Medical Center, which launched its Lean Team in August 2012, was invited to join the network after demonstrating that top management is committed to the process and open to sharing successes and challenges with others in the network.

“Tucson Medical Center is relatively early in its Lean journey, but it already has great results to share,” said Mike Stoecklein, Director of Network Operations for the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. “They have made measurable gains in reducing the wait times in the emergency department, have increased responsiveness to patients’ food choices and are in the early stages of streamlining their registration processes. It is exciting to see how Lean principles are beginning to permeate the organization.”

Judy Rich, President and CEO of Tucson Medical Center, said the Lean process is not easy, but it is transformative. “There is increasing pressure on health care providers to demonstrate measureable, quality care while keeping costs in line,” Rich explained. “And what we’re finding, even this early on, is that the Lean process is a way to pool the considerable intellectual capital we have here at TMC, and then activate problem-solving throughout our departments.”

With no finish line in Lean, the quest for improvement is never ending. Check back over the next several days on our blog  to learn more about how Lean practices are steadily supporting quality improvement throughout the hospital.

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