Meet Dr. Emily Harrison, a Board-Certified Family Practice Physician

Dr. Emily Harrison Board Certified, Family Practice Saguaro Physicians

Dr. Emily Harrison
Board-Certified, Family Practice
Saguaro Physicians

Tucson Medical Center and Saguaro Physicians is proud to welcome Dr. Emily Harrison, a board-certified family practice physician who is now accepting new patients. Does your family really need a primary care physician? Absolutely.

Here’s why.

Learn more about Dr. Harrison and find out if she’d be a good match to provide compassionate care for you and your family through every phase of life:

▪ What is your background? 

I earned my bachelor’s degree and medical degree through a combined degree program at Rutgers University and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. I completed a Family Medicine Program at Hunterdon Medical Center (an affiliate of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), where I served as chief resident and then went on to practice at One Medical Group in Washington, DC.

▪ What inspired you to go into primary care?

My passion for preventive care inspired me to go into primary care.  I really enjoy working with patients to set personal goals to improve their health. I focus on the importance of incorporating diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications to prevent and treat disease.

▪ What made you decide to come to Tucson?

My husband’s job brought us to Tucson, along with the love of nature and being outdoors.

 ▪ What do you think is the biggest health risk facing Southern Arizonans?

The greatest health risk facing Southern Arizonans and the rest of the U.S. is obesity. Obesity contributes to medical conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and heart disease. I focus on lifestyle modifications to help treat and prevent these disease processes.

▪ Do you have any areas that are of particular interest to you?

I am especially interested in preventative medicine and women’s health. I enjoy getting to know my patients as individuals, and understanding cultural, spiritual and psycho-social factors that may be contributing to my patients’ health concerns. I focus on educating my patients and setting personal goals to help improve their health. I stress the importance of incorporating diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications to prevent and treat disease.

▪ Why is it so important for people to get established with a PCP before they get sick?

It is important to get established with a PCP before you get sick in order to establish a baseline for your health; ensure you are up to date on preventive examinations and are taking steps towards improving your health and wellness. It is also helpful to have a PCP who knows you well and can gauge any change in your baseline health.

▪ What has been your most valuable life experience that has impacted your medical career?

Having grown up taking care of an ill family member, I empathize that illness has a great impact on patients, family, friends and caregivers. I feel it is important to get to know my patients as individuals, understanding cultural, spiritual and psychosocial factors to better address patients’ health concerns.

  How do you approach your relationship with your patients?

I strive to build relationships with my patients to improve their health and wellness. I focus on educating my patients on their health and setting personal health goals.

Dr. Harrison is located at Saguaro Physicians, 5300 E. Erickson, #116, right across from TMC.
She is accepting new patients! Call (520) 324-3940 to make an appointment.

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