TMC Votes: I vote because….(and it doesn’t matter if it’s by mail or at the polling place)

Vote Beth KloosTake a guess.

What percent of the 146,708 ballots cast in the primary election were early ballots by mail or at the early voting satellites around town?

How about 84 percent, with nearly 124,000 of those by mail!

The numbers are driven in large part by the establishment of a permanent early voting list – which allows voters to automatically get ballots by mail for every election. Supporters say they appreciate the added flexibility and convenience that comes with getting a ballot in the mail, as well as the opportunity to research the issues before sending in their ballot.

While voting at a traditional polling place on Election Day remains an important affirmation of civic duty for many people, those who opt to vote early can start looking for their ballots in early October, since they will start being mailed out Oct. 9.Vote Christina Franklin

Tucson Medical Center encourages you to vote, whether early or at the polls, and regardless of your position on the issues or candidates.

Today’s tips on how to manage your early ballots come from Beth Kloos, a GI Lab technician who has worked at TMC for 24 years, and Christina Franklin, an operating room nurse who is new to TMC.


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