Sample gluten-free foods and get answers at the Gluten-Free Awareness Expo Sunday at TMC

1607120_253556844812744_787013132_nEven though gluten-free foods are increasingly common in grocery store aisles and showing up with more frequency on restaurant menus, it can be overwhelming trying to find out how a gluten-free diet may impact your nutritional needs.

Come find out at the Gluten-Free Awareness Expo at Tucson Medical Center’s Lifegain Park on Sunday, Nov. 2.

The free fair, which runs from noon until 3 p.m., not only offers gluten-free food offerings from restaurants and vendors, but features live music, activities for kids, raffle prizes and games. Better yet, medical experts are on site to help answer some of your questions about whether living gluten-free is the right choice for you.1452279_232909100210852_343000889_n

Three presentations will be staggered throughout the day:

Gluten-Free First Timer Mistakes; 12:30 p.m. Many times people leave their physicians office with a script to go on a gluten-free diet. But what does that really mean? Celiac and the Beast author, Erica Dermer will use humor to describe first-hand her experiences and hopefully help prevent you from making the same mistakes as she did. What are some common foods you may not know contain gluten? How do you prevent cross contamination in your kitchen?

TMC Kitchen Tour; 1:30 p.m. Executive chef Jason Ricciardelli will lead a group through the gluten-free area of TMC’s kitchen so potential future patients will have peace of mind in knowing where their food is coming from and the protocols TMC follows in order to ensure safe gluten-free meal for patients with gluten-related disorders.

10933214064_acba782f22_o (2)Who Should Follow a Gluten-Free Diet? 2 p.m. Hana Feeney, MS, RD has celiac herself. We all know that those with Celiac disease need to follow a strict gluten-free diet and we know there are others who have eliminated gluten from their diets for other reasons. What about those who don’t have celiac, but still find relief from going gluten-free? You will learn whether not a gluten-free diet is right for you.

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