TMC officially launches Be Kind challenge, aims for 1,000 acts of kindness

ResizedKindnessSometimes, it’s the little moments of grace – a smile, a helping hand, a thank you, a handwritten note – that help us get through difficult times.

Tucson Medical Center will be actively seeking those moments as the first hospital in the nation to participate in the Kind Colleagues program through Ben’s Bells, a nonprofit geared to spreading the word about the impact of intentional kindness.

Dev Sethi, the chairman of the board for Ben’s Bells, applauded TMC’s participation, saying hospital staff members have the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with visitors who may look perfectly strong and well. “But they may have just been diagnosed, or a daughter or friend may have been diagnosed. Something life-changing may have just happened. Sometimes just a single, simple act of humanity makes all the difference in the world,” he said.

Embracing the challenge, he said, “is bringing a sense of humanity and humility to the practice of medicine and that is an amazing thing.”

Stacie Wood, a nurse clinical educator, said she was so inspired when Ben’s Bells founder Jeannette Maré came to speak at TMC last year, that she wanted to motivate her coworkers and friends to embrace it. “I thought it was a great way to live out the mission and values of TMC,” Wood said. “This is the way we should be living our lives.”

When Wood nominated Dr. Lance Clyde, an anesthesiologist, for sitting with a confused man until his family could come pick him up, it was the first official act of kindness logged in the challenge.

Dr. Clyde said he was humbled to receive the first nomination. “I like this effort,” he said. “Being kind is a choice.” Even if every act of kindness doesn’t always spring from a well within ourselves, he said, we can train ourselves to consistently respond in a kind way.

The Challenge, which involves schools, businesses and community members, concludes at the end of April. Each nomination is recorded as another link in a bright green Challenge chain, which is hanging in TMC’s cafeteria.




  1. What a huge asset Stacie Wood is to TMC!

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