TMC part of virtual kindness chain spanning more than 9 miles!

KindnessWhen Tucson Medical Center accepted the Ben’s Bells Be Kind Challenge, our nonprofit community hospital joined a larger network of organizations throughout 29 cities in 11 states that agreed to try to make the world a little nicer.

As one of 120 schools, businesses and organizations participating in the challenge, TMC handily surpassed its goal of recording 1,000 acts of kindness by the end of April.

Now the tallies are in: Challenge-wide across all of the participating organizations, representing more than 52,000 people, there were precisely 119,031 recorded acts of kindness!

With each link in a chain representing one act of kindness, the chain would span more than 9 miles.

“TMC was proud to accept the Challenge,” said Heather Bachman, director of patient experience at TMC. “Everyone can be kind, and sometimes it does take a little more effort and time because we get busy.”

“I’m thrilled we had an opportunity to create awareness and recognize the little things that make a difference in how we care for each other. That is what matters.”

Much gratitude to everyone who participated!

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