TMC announces new program designed to train your brain

TrainYourBrain_2Few things are as frustrating as misplacing the keys or leaving the grocery store with everything but what you wanted in the first place.

Just as exercise improves your heart and muscle tone, there are techniques to help strengthen your memory. Tucson Medical Center, in collaboration with the UCLA Longevity Center, is now offering Memory Training, a program designed to teach information processing and retention strategies that will help stimulate your brain and shore up your memory bank.

The class, designed for adults with normal, age-related memory challenges, will help participants to acquire strategies to target the most common everyday memory problems. The curriculum was developed by a psychologist and medical doctor from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. Research has shown that the cognitive benefits from memory training can last for years.

“As we age, it takes longer to learn and retrieve information,” said clinical psychologist and memory trainer Lynn Oelke. “But what’s exciting about this program is that it helps participants develop skills that can make a positive impact on memory ability.”

The four-week Memory Training course – taught by certified volunteer trainers in a fun, interactive classroom environment – will share strategies that will challenge you to think differently and help you encode new information in your brain so you can recall it later.  The fee for the course is $40.

Feedback from the May classes included:

  • “This was a great class. TMC Senior Services has great classes about the brain, and this 4-week course was the very best one.”
  • “I hope that I can remember all the valuable info. I will, from time to time, review and practice the new strategies.”

Those who participate in this course will:

  • learn about how memory works
  • review four common memory problems sensitive to aging
  • learn to practice good memory habits
  • discover their own personal learning style
  • and monitor their progress with memory checks.

They will also learn how to apply the memory techniques to real-life situations.

For more information about Memory Training please call 324-1960.


  1. Kathy Spreiser says:

    When IS the next Memory Training class? I’m interested!

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