TMC garages now named after campus landmarks

catalinagarageFor years, Tucson Medical Center had just two garages on campus: one on the north side of the campus and another smaller one for folks needing orthopaedic care.

When TMC opened the surgical tower in 2013, its accompanying garage became the third on campus.

As employees identified ways to better serve patients, they asked for a stronger focus on wayfinding, from improved signage to welcome kiosks in order to help patients and families navigate our hospital. Identifying garage names was a key part of this effort.

  • The 2424 Garage is associated with the practices in TMC One and Genesis OB/GYN in the 2424 N. Wyatt building near the entrance of the TMC campus.
  • The Tower Garage offers easy access to TMC’s four-story Orthopaedic and Surgical Tower, which features state-of-the-art surgical suites and private patient rooms designed for orthopaedic post-surgical care and acute therapies.
  • Finally, the Catalina Garage on the north side of campus takes its namesake from the prominent mountain range that serves as its backdrop. Tucson Medical Center has a long history of embracing the healing desert environment, from the 1920s when the founders of the Desert Sanatorium chose this warm, dry desert setting as the spot to treat tuberculosis patients.

It may also be helpful to take advantage of free valet parking, available at several hospital entrances, including the tower, and marked by signs. And within the hospital, TMC volunteers provide surrey service and courtesy cars during business hours. Volunteers at TMC information desks can help locate a surrey, or call 324-5888.

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