Just a few days left to register to vote

  • What do you think of those red light cameras?
  • Would more investment in the community help improve economic growth?
  • Who should lead the city in the coming four years?

If you have opinions on these questions, make sure you’re registered to vote in the Nov. 3 election.

To vote in the 2015 consolidated City of Tucson and Pima County general election, you’ll need to be registered to vote by the close of business Monday, Oct. 5.  Early voting begins Oct. 8.

If you aren’t registered, there are a few ways to remedy that:

Ø In person: You can visit the Pima County Recorder’s Office or any library in town.

Ø Online: You can also obtain service at recorder.pima.gov or at ServiceArizona.com and click “Voter registration”

Tucson Medical Center has joined the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and other organizations in supporting all seven of the questions on the Pima County bond election. The last time the County asked for a major bond investment was in 2004.vote

We believe those projects all have a direct impact on our community’s public health, whether that’s through affordable housing, tourism, economic development efforts, flood control or parks.

Whether you agree or not, the important thing is to make your voice heard. ​

Keep in mind that because the County and City are consolidating efforts, if you are a City of Tucson voter who is not on the permanent early voter list, you will need to request a mail-in ballot or vote in person. To request a ballot by mail, visit the Pima County Early Ballot Request website. The last day to request an early ballot is Oct. 23 at 5 p.m.​ Voters in other areas of the County will follow their standard voting practice.

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