CVS Health’s decision to stop selling tobacco products results in measurable impact on public health

1It has been one year since CVS Health stopped selling tobacco in CVS/pharmacy stores and new data show the move has made a measurable reduction in cigarette purchases over the past year, helping to create a tobacco-free generation.

The CVS Health Research Institute found that, in the eight months after CVS/pharmacy stores stopped selling cigarettes, the average smoker purchased five fewer cigarette packs and, in total, about 95 million fewer packs were sold.

The study also showed a 4 percent increase in nicotine-patch purchases in the period immediately following the end of tobacco sales, indicating that there was also a positive effect on attempts to quit smoking.

Additionally, CVS MinuteClinics and pharmacies supported their customers’ efforts to quit. They gave $1 million in corporate grants to community-based smoking cessation and prevention programs across the country.

CVS Health and its foundation also recently announced a joint initiative with Scholastic Corp. to launch a school-based, tobacco-prevention program. These educational resources will reach nearly 3 million kids across the country.

You can read the full release here.

TMC and our accountable care organization, Arizona Connected Care, is proud to have recently entered into a new clinical affiliation with CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic. The collaboration will increase access to care and help improve medication adherence for patients.

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