Early voting already underway for the Nov. 3 election

Voters in November have an opportunity to weigh in on several important questions facing our community, including selecting who will serve as our local leaders, whether to support a package of seven bond questions, and whether to approve changes in the City of Tucson’s charter.

Although Tucson Medical Center encourages all community members to vote their ballots, regardless of their position on any of the questions, TMC has taken positions of support on the bond questions because of public health implications, as well as the charter changes to support strong local governance.

Here’s why:

     Proposition 425 — Road and Highway Improvements

         Roads are particularly critical in life-threatening emergencies when minutes matter.

      Proposition 426 – Economic Development, Libraries and Workforce Training

         As Southern Arizona’s 15th largest employer and an economic engine with 3,000 employees, TMC has a deep interest in supporting the economic health of this region.

      Proposition 427 – Tourism Promotion

         Ultimately, creative amenities help maintain an innovative workforce, lure visitors and attract successful companies.

      Proposition 428 – Parks and Recreation

         Exercise helps combat growing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, impacts chronic disease and helps stave off cardiovascular problems.

      Proposition 429 – Public Health, Welfare, Safety, Neighborhoods and Housing

         Safe streets, stable neighborhoods, a productive workforce – those are all hallmarks of a strong community.

      Proposition 430 – Natural Area Conservation and Historic Preservation

         Open spaces translate into opportunities for recreational activities, which is an important benefit since many Arizonans get less than the recommended minimum amount of physical activity.

      Proposition 431 – Flood Control and Drainage

         Flood control projects aren’t flashy, but the projects save lives and property, help promote recharge of the groundwater table and help protect the economy.


Additionally, Propositions 403 and 404 are city charter changes that would provide for equal voting rights for Mayor on matters before the City Council, and would provide a uniform method of appointment and removal of city department directors.


Regardless of your position on any of the issues on the ballot, if you hope to vote early rather than voting in person at the polls on Nov. 3, you may do so…http___webcms.pima

  • By mail:

Those on the Permanent Early Voting List will automatically receive a ballot in the mail, and do not need to request one. A green envelope will be coming, if it hasn’t already arrived.

Those who aren’t automatically on the early voting list can still order a ballot. Call the Recorder’s office at 724-4330. Note that the deadline to order a vote-by-mail ballot is Friday, Oct. 23.

  • In person:

Satellite early voting locations are available to registered Pima County voters weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays through Oct. 30:

  • Downtown, 240 N. Stone Ave., First Floor
  • Eastside, 6920 E. Broadway, Suite D
  • Southside, 6550 S. Country Club Road

For more information, please visit the Recorder’s office web site at www.recorder.pima.gov, or call the Pima County Recorder’s office at 724-4330.


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