Get your ballots in: One week left until Election Day

http___webcms.pimaWith Nov. 3 coming up, now’s the time for early voters to mail in their ballots.

The Pima County Elections Department suggests those voters who plan to return their ballots by mail should do so by Thursday. Oct. 29, to make sure your ballot is ready to be processed and counted after the polls close on Election Day.

Under Arizona law, postmarks don’t count.  An early ballot must be received by the County no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day for it to be eligible for verification and tabulation.

What happens if you still have your ballot on Election Day? Take it to any Pima County polling place and hand it in. It does not have to be dropped off at your home precinct.

For those traditionalists who prefer to cast their ballot at a polling place, please visit to find your appropriate polling place.

To check the status of your early ballot, please visit

Whichever way you vote, the Pima County Elections Department is encouraging voters in the City of Tucson and Town of Oro Valley to turn their ballots over because there are ballot questions on the reverse side. According to County officials, voters have called indicating their ballot seemed incomplete, not realizing they needed to turn it over.

For more information about the Pima County ballot propositions, please visit

For more information about the City of Tucson ballot propositions, please visit

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