Swap leftover Halloween candy for a day at the Zoo!

20450784859_c8ac5a5528_k(2)Even as health-care experts, we’re not complete purists: The occasional piece of candy can be a nice treat.

But a whole jack-o-lantern full is not the picture of moderation.

And what’s a family to do with those leftover bags of sweets that didn’t go to trick-or-treaters? Too much candy invites too much sugar and saturated fat into healthy diets.

So on Nov. 1, Tucson Medical Center is teaming up with Reid Park Zoo to give families a chance to swap those sticky treats for a fun outing at the Zoo.

The first 100 children to give up the goods (give or take a few pieces) will receive free admission to the Zoo for one child and one adult. That’s a cavity-free value of $14.

WHEN: 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 1

WHERE: Front entrance, Reid Park Zoo, 3400 E. Zoo Ct.

WHAT: The Halloween candy swap is part of an effort to help children make better nutritional choices and encourage family friendly activities. The tickets will be good for one year, so you can use them to get in on Sunday or come back at a later date.

WHY: Wrapped candy will be donated to The Salvation Army for its youth programs and will help support our military heroes.

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