Energy Management session Nov. 14 highlights importance of caregivers’ own health

EnergyPhotoNurses spend the majority of their time focused on caring for others.

Oftentimes, that means they are so busy putting others’ needs first that they forget to take care of themselves – whether at the hospital or at home taking care of their families.

Two Wellness Specialists will share energy management techniques at a Nov. 14 workshop at Tucson Medical Center’s The Core at La Encantada. The goal of the session, which is free and open to the public, is to provide an alternative to simply collapsing onto the couch at the end of a 12-hour shift, and to learn simple steps people can incorporate daily to improve energy.

“We’re trying to focus on what they can do to actually tweak their daily habits to create more energy,” said Amy Ramsey, TMC’s Employee Wellness Specialist and a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. “There’s a misconception that when we have stressful jobs, we’ve given all our energy away, when energy is actually renewable and expandable.”

Co-presenter Molly Griffis, an RN and certified Health Coach, added,“It is true that we often feel like we are completely depleted, but there are many healthy lifestyle choices people can make on a daily basis that can conserve and even boost their mind-body-spirit-and emotional energy!”

Although the Wellness team does offer Energy Management sessions for staff at Tucson Medical Center, Ramsey said it’s often difficult for nurses to focus on themselves during their shift, since they’re thinking about the patient they just left and the one they still need to see. An outside workshop allows them the distance they need to reflect on goal-setting and visualization.

The free session, which runs from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., will begin with Tai Chi to improve focus.

And while it is designed for caregivers, it is open to anyone in the public who might want to tap into their own renewable energy resources. Space is limited to 60 participants, so please RSVP at

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