Who runs, jumps, kicks and spikes the world? Girls!

BDP30834Young women can do anything they set their minds to – that’s the message that local women athletes and community leaders will share with girls on Saturday, Feb. 20.

Girls ages 12-17 are invited to come to Tucson Medical Center’s The Core at La Encantada to meet members of the UA Volleyball Team, players from FC Tucson Women’s Professional Soccer Team and exceptional women from across our community. Designed to show young women that they can do anything, this event will inspire, educate and demonstrate that girl power is for real!

UA Volleyball player Kalei Mau is scheduled to attend, along with Kelly Pierce-Kearns and “Mac” German-Johns from FC Tucson.

The free event, which runs from 10 a.m. to noon at La Encantada at 2905 E. Skyline Drive, will be followed by a free Zumba class for the participants.

“These are critical years in helping young women develop self-esteem and confidence, particularly at a time when they can be strongly influenced by media, fashion and advertising industries,” said Tim Bentley, retail wellness outreach manager at The Core. “It is really important for girls to meet role models who can show them there really are no boundaries if they believe it and put the work into it.”

This event is free, but we ask for an RSVP! Please contact us at 520-324-2673. For a full calendar of Fitness Classes, Health Lectures and Wellness Events at The Core, please visit www.thecoretmc.com


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