Tucson Medical Center recognized for significant energy savings


Using less electricity not only helps Tucson Medical Center reinvest those savings in strengthening the physical health of the community, but also helps protect the community’s environmental health as well.

TMC earlier this month was one of 12 organizations awarded the TEP BrightEE Award for its work in reducing energy consumption, saving more than 2.7 million kilowatt hours in 2015 alone.

That translates into the equivalent annual energy use of 196 residential homes.

What’s perhaps equally telling: Although the hospital opened a four-story surgical tower in 2013, TMC’s energy usage is the same today as it was before the 200,000 square foot building came on-line.

“We at TEP appreciate the opportunity to recognize TMC for their local leadership and commitment to energy efficiency in our community,” said Lee Bryne, TEP’s senior key account manager for TMC.


TMC replaced an older chiller and two cooling towers required to keep the hospital at appropriate temperatures. The more modern equipment is not only more energy efficient, but it is easier to maintain and allows for automation to help TMC be more nimble in matching energy demand in peak and off-peak hours.

Facilities teams also converted the halogen lamps in the 2424 N. Wyatt Garage to LED lamps, reducing energy consumption in that building by 70 percent. “For one light fixture, that kind of reduction in energy is not that big a deal, but when you’re talking about 200 fixtures, it adds up pretty quickly,” said Richard Parker, director of facilities and construction.

Conversion to LED lighting is anticipated in the Catalina Garage on the northeast side of the campus in the next year or so, Parker said.

Facilities teams monitor TMC’s energy consumption on a daily basis to stay alert for any deviation from historical usage. Any unexpected spike in usage is immediately explored.

Parker said it’s a good business decision to reduce energy costs. “If we can drive our usage down, it’s going to pay us back year after year. And anything we save on electricity costs frees up more resources to reinvest in capital equipment, for example, to care for more people,” Parker said.

“It’s also important to TMC to be a good community partner, and saving energy resources helps reduce pollution and save precious natural resources.”

Other award winners include, among others, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson Unified School District, the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the University of Arizona and GLHN Architects & Engineers.

For more information on TEP’s current programs to help consumers save energy, please visit tep.com/efficiency.


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