TMC now offers comprehensive weight-loss program

WeightlossPhotoFad diets don’t work – and worse, they often can be dangerous.

At least one survey of 2,000 British women indicated the average 45-year-old woman has tried 61 diets in her lifetime. “If diets worked, then we wouldn’t be facing an epidemic of obesity now,” said Mary Atkinson, the director of TMC’s wellness department and a registered dietitian.

The foundation of a healthy weight is best achieved through an active lifestyle combined with healthy food choices. But sometimes, expertise is needed to help people make changes to maintain and manage a healthy weight over the long-term.

Tucson Medical Center is pleased to now offer both surgical and nonsurgical interventions to support those looking to lose or maintain weight.

For those seeking a nonsurgical approach, TMC’s registered dietitians and exercise physiologists offer an individualized 12-week program that takes into account varying preferences, lifestyles, cultures and health concerns.  A tailored action plan to help participants make the healthiest food and exercise choices, based on their own lifestyles, will be driven by individual:

  • nutritional assessments
  • physical assessments
  • weight and fitness goals
  • barriers that get in the way of healthy choices, such as time management or entrenched habits

The 12-week series, which is not covered by insurance, costs $275.

“The way to effect permanent change in folks’ lives and help them improve their quality of life is not to teach them a diet, but to help them create a plan that fits their lives and gets them where they want to be,” Atkinson said.

For those for whom surgery may be the best approach to achieve weight-loss goals, TMC offers a comprehensive program that supports patients at every step of their journey. Our program includes pre-surgical counseling and evaluations; post-op care that includes nutritional counseling; psychological support; instruction on incorporated exercises into your lifestyle; and discussion groups with others who have shared similar journeys.

No matter which option works for you, TMC will also be hosting a monthly weight management support group at The Core at La Encantada, led by one of Wellness professionals, to help promote long-term weight loss success. Cost for the support group is $5.

TMC also offers an exercise education program for those with diabetes. Classes, which take place at the El Dorado Health Campus, are $5.

For more information about the 12-week weight loss program or weight management support group, please contact TMC’s wellness department at 324-4163 or email

For more information about TMC’s bariatric program, which is accredited as a comprehensive center by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, please visit



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