Tucson Medical Center supports Prop. 123 as investment in children


Education is the cornerstone of a vibrant economy and a healthy population.

Voters will have the opportunity on Tuesday, in the May 17 special election, to weigh in on the state’s plan to increase resources for education.

Tucson Medical Center invests significant resources in supporting the health of the community’s children and in supporting workforce development initiatives to ensure a career-ready, skilled workforce in the future.

While we acknowledge voters may approach the question from different perspectives, our bottom line is that if Prop 123 passes, schools desperately in need of additional financial support will start receiving more funding in June.

As the region’s 15th largest employer, TMC has joined other leading voices in the business community, including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, to support the effort.

Among the other benefits, a successful vote will:

  • settle a long-standing, acrimonious lawsuit over the state’s under-funding of schools by injecting $3.5 billion in additional, sustainable funding over the next decade
  • improve recruitment and retention of teachers by giving districts the ability to provide pay raises for their educators

TMC believes this vote is an important first step in an ongoing conversation to identify a long-term solution to ensure our teachers have the resources they need to provide high-quality education that will prepare students to succeed in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Whatever your decision, please vote on Tuesday. And remember, if you have an early ballot that hasn’t yet been mailed, please bring your completed ballot in person to any polling location on Election Day.

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