TMC nurse grateful on multiple levels for Mayo Clinic team

PeggyPeggy MacMacken, the associate administrator for clinical practice at Tucson Medical Center, said she has profound gratitude for the assistance of the Mayo Clinic – most significantly for saving her sister’s life about five years ago, but also for their strong clinical collaboration with TMC, as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

MacMacken recalls that at first, the family blamed her sister’s failing health on a possible bout with pneumonia, but it turned out the cause was congestive heart failure stemming from a prolapsed mitral valve – fairly common and fairly fixable. But there were a string of complications at the first Phoenix-area hospital that performed the surgery.

Two weeks after the surgery, MacMacken’s brother-in-law came home to find his wife unconscious. She was rushed to a second hospital, where she was placed in intensive care. She coded. Flummoxed about how to proceed and what the problem was, doctors there asked Mayo to take her.

“It was the most profound experience,” MacMacken said. “As she was rushed in, on a ventilator, the Mayo team was around the bed, waiting for her. They leapt into action and half an hour later, they knew exactly what was wrong.” Her sister had a five percent chance of living through a second surgery.

“They saved her life and every day I’ve had with my sister has been a gift,” MacMacken said. “I have profound respect for Mayo operationally.”

MacMacken said she’s also pleased to share her profound respect for Mayo Clinic’s support of TMC through the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

She’s relied on their guidance in a number of areas – sometimes, larger ones, such as how they go about securing the privacy of texts between physicians and staff, or what model they use for employee flu shots.

Other times, she’s just simply wanted to compare patient education material. In either case, she said, Mayo staff members have been helpful in providing a quick turnaround with answers.

“Their cooperation has been phenomenal,” MacMacken said. “They’ve been a wonderful resource.”


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