Countdown to Aug. 30 primary election underway

Vote Christina FranklincropPrimary elections typically don’t generate as much interest as the general election – and that’s too bad because critical decisions will be made on Aug. 30 about which party nominees will face off in November.

In many cases, given that certain districts have significant voter registration advantages for one of the major parties over the other, the primary results will essentially determine who will win the seat.

If you are an early Pima County voter, remember that postmarks don’t count: Ballots must be in hand at the Pima County Recorder’s Office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. To be safe, give yourself at least a three-day window to make sure it arrives on time – Wednesday the 24th is your recommended last day to drop your ballot in the mail.

Two other tips for early voters: If you’ve already mailed it, and want to be sure it was received, check your ballot’s status at And if you miss the mail by Wednesday of this week, you can plan to drop it off at any Pima County polling place on Election Day.

For those traditionalists headed to vote in person at the polls, visit for your polling location. And if you’re an independent or a no-party-designated voter, you can still vote in this primary election: You just have to pick one of the party ballots to vote in.




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